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The Free Mitten News

Episode 6: Wacky Teachers The Free Mitten News

Hello Freedom Lovers! This episode covers that wacky Branch Covidian teacher at Ferris State University, Novak Djokovic being yeeted from the Australian Open, Biden's remarks on the anniversary of the January 6th "Insurrection," and the recovery of certain states from the Covid-19 economic slump. I also cover becoming a delegate to the LPMI state convention in March. 
  1. Episode 6: Wacky Teachers
  2. Episode 5: Baby Baphomet
  3. Episode 4: Oxford Strong
  4. Episode 3: The Arrogance of Dr. Fauci
  5. Episode 2: Kyle Did Nothing Wrong

The Libertarian

Giving Mickey Mouse to the Public Libertarian

Richard Epstein discusses Senator Josh Hawley’s proposal to retroactively reduce the length of Disney’s copyrights.
  1. Giving Mickey Mouse to the Public
  2. Big Row Over The Supreme Court “Roe” Leak
  3. Free Money! Joe Biden’s Bid To Forgive Student Loans
  4. Disney’s Costly Foray Into Politics
  5. Is Musk A Monopolist and Is Amazon Anti-Union?

The Libertarian Christian Podcast

Ep 275: How to Understand Critical Race Theory The Libertarian Christian Podcast

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a hot topic in America, how should Christian libertarians view it? In some ways the narrative of CRT has some validity to it, and may be enlightening for what is going on in society; however, portions of CRT directly challenge people's rights and individual liberty. What are some takeaways, and what should we take with a grain of salt?  Show Notes: Have you listened to our recent conversation with Phil Magness on CRT yet? Audio Production by Podsworth Media.
  1. Ep 275: How to Understand Critical Race Theory
  2. Ep 274: The Ethics of Anarcho-Capitalism, with Kristopher Borer
  3. BONUS: Pro-Life Libertarian Women Redefine Abortion Debate (re-mastered)
  4. Ep 273: Promoting a Free Society Through Public Policy, with Vance Ginn
  5. Ep 272: The Future Stakes of Social Media and Money
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