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The Free Mitten News

Episode 6: Wacky Teachers The Free Mitten News

Hello Freedom Lovers! This episode covers that wacky Branch Covidian teacher at Ferris State University, Novak Djokovic being yeeted from the Australian Open, Biden's remarks on the anniversary of the January 6th "Insurrection," and the recovery of certain states from the Covid-19 economic slump. I also cover becoming a delegate to the LPMI state convention in March. 
  1. Episode 6: Wacky Teachers
  2. Episode 5: Baby Baphomet
  3. Episode 4: Oxford Strong
  4. Episode 3: The Arrogance of Dr. Fauci
  5. Episode 2: Kyle Did Nothing Wrong

The Libertarian

Raiders of The Last President Libertarian

Richard Epstein reacts to the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. What would justify a raid on a former president? When will its contents be made public? Is Trump on the road to indictment?
  1. Raiders of The Last President
  2. Will the Supreme Court Ban Affirmative Action?
  3. Guns, Garland, Trump, and Term Limits: A Libertarian Potpourri
  4. Biden at the Border: The Battle Over Illegal Immigration
  5. Gerrymandering Election Control: Who Gets Final Say?

The Libertarian Christian Podcast

Ep 287: The State is Doing Romans 13 Wrong, with Jacob Daniel Winograd The Libertarian Christian Podcast

Jacob Daniel Winograd of the "Daniel 3 Biblical Anarchy Podcast" joins us to discuss his transition from Bernie Sanders leftism to Austro/Anarcho-libertarianism, including his approach to interpreting Romans 13 in light of Romans 12. Audio Production by Podsworth Media.
  1. Ep 287: The State is Doing Romans 13 Wrong, with Jacob Daniel Winograd
  2. Ep 286: Living Toward a Decentralist Future, with Max Borders
  3. Ep 285: Libertarian Christians at FreedomFest 2022
  4. Ep 284: Religious Freedom in a Secular Age, with Michael Bird
  5. Ep 283: Mike Maharrey Talks Landmark SCOTUS Decisions
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