Libertarian Candidates

Federal Candidates

The UPLP does not endorse a candidate for President of the USA in 2024, at this time. A Libertarian candidate for President has not stepped forward as yet.

State Candidates

The UPLP endorses the following state-level candidates:
– Mary Buzuma, running for Michigan Governor. Find Mary on:
– Facebook:
– Twitter:
– Her website:
– Greg Stempfle, running for Michigan Secretary of State! Find Greg on:
– Twitter:
– Facebook:

Local Upper Peninsula Candidates

The UPLP endorses the following candidate(s) for local office in 2022.

Ryan Roberts is running for Delta County Road Commissioner!

Ryan Roberts will seek election this Fall (of 2022).

See more on Ryan Roberts campaign here:

Upcoming Events with Candidates

Libertarian candidates interested in a nomination by the UPLP, for an upcoming election where they will run as a Libertarian or in a non-partisan race, may send word of their interest to

Candidates chosen to be nominated will be, at the UPLP Delegates Convention which will take place by May, 2022. The exact date, time and place is TBD.

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