Elections 2023

Michigan Election Law for Minor Parties

“By August 2 Minor parties hold county caucuses; notify county clerk of nominated candidates within one business day after caucus. (168.686a)
By August 2 Minor parties hold state conventions; notify Secretary of State of nominated candidates within one business day after convention. (168.686a)”

UPLP Elections

The UPLP is seeking Libertarian candidates who are interested in running as a Libertarian, or in a non-partisan race.
The UPLP will hold caucuses for all 15 counties in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, at a Delegate Convention which will be held by July of 2023. The exact date, time and place is TBD.

General Information

Michigan State House Districtshttps://www.zipdatamaps.com/politics/state-level/districts/map-of-michigan-state-house-of-representative-districts

Michigan State Senate Districtshttps://www.zipdatamaps.com/politics/state-level/districts/map-of-michigan-state-senate-districts

Elections 2022 Newsreel

Michigan Federal House and Senate District Maps (as of Dec 28, 2021) – “For the state House, the commission voted for its “Hickory” map, with 11 commissioners supporting the plan. Lange and Wagner preferred different plans….”For the state Senate, the commission voted for its “Linden” map, with nine commissioners backing the new map. Two Republicans, two Democrats and five independent commissioners voted in favor of the plan. Republican commissioners Rhonda Lange and Erin Wagner and Democratic commissioners Brittni Kellom and Juanita Curry favored different plans.”


Michigan’s new US House map. (Courtesy Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission)

Michigan House and Senate Map Update (Jan 05, 2022) – “The new state Senate map of 38 districts has 14 open seats and four districts where incumbents will likely run…The new state House map of 110 districts has 47 open seats…10 where incumbents may run.”


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