Michigan’s Partisan Battle with Gas Taxes

By Ryan Roberts, UPLP Chairman On the 1st of April this year, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer vetoed a proposed bill to suspend a 27 cent per gallon gas tax. This was voted largely along partisan lines in both the house and senate, and because of this the senate could not get a 2/3rds majority vote forContinue reading “Michigan’s Partisan Battle with Gas Taxes”

Facing Unpleasant Facts: What You Aren’t Supposed to Say About Ukraine

by Joseph Solis-Mullen Having been lied into war in Iraq in 2003, the American public swore it had wised up. Sure, it went on to drop the ball by supporting the Libya intervention, itself prefaced by lies, and supported the government’s intervention in the civil war in Syria (or at least didn’t mind it), evenContinue reading “Facing Unpleasant Facts: What You Aren’t Supposed to Say About Ukraine”

A Libertarian Rallying Cry for Candidates

by Ryan Roberts – Chair The 2022 election year is upon us, and the Upper Peninsula Libertarian Party (UPLP) is actively seeking candidates to run for office. Every State house seat in the U.P. is up for grabs. The 108th and 109th seats are non-incumbent races. John Damoose, of the 107th district, will seek reelection,Continue reading “A Libertarian Rallying Cry for Candidates”

Classical Liberalism, Rhetoric & Discourse

by Joshua Jongema Libertarians come from a tradition of Classical Liberalism, which was a mix of the English philosophy of the Whigs and the radicals. For about 140 years, America has been a liberal nation. Today liberalism is a term that is misused, but classically, it means limited government, personal and economic liberty, and justiceContinue reading “Classical Liberalism, Rhetoric & Discourse”

The Budget of Michigan State

by Joshua Jongema – Secretary While Michigan’s budget promises to help small businesses and the little people, every action by the state has crushed those very people and small businesses without relent. The semi-permanent coronavirus state of emergency has been a windfall for the state of Michigan and the mega corporations that operate here. TheseContinue reading “The Budget of Michigan State”

Automated Speed Enforcement Systems

by Aaron Gardner The [Michigan State Libertarian Party] Legislative Committee would like to inform you of a bill that has been introduced in the Michigan House that we believe represents a clear threat to individual liberty. The proposed bill would add a section to the Michigan vehicle code, that would allow various levels of governmentContinue reading “Automated Speed Enforcement Systems”