Munising Beacon- Letter to the Editor

It has come to my attention that the Alger County Board of Commissioners tabled a resolution to effectively protect the Second Amendment rights of the citizens of Alger County and to make Alger County a Second Amendment sanctuary. I would like to emphasize the importance of the passage of this resolution in this letter.

The Michigan Legislature has been in the process of passing several state laws that add regulation and restrictions regarding firearm use, transportation, storage, and purchasing to the citizens of Michigan, even going as far as red flagging people, which would hinder or prohibit the ability to purchase and carry a firearm.

The proposed legislation regarding ERPOs (extreme risk protection orders) would inevitably disarm non-violent individuals. A preponderance of evidence is an insufficient reason to strip an individual of their inherent right to self-defense. Under this law, an individual need not be proven guilty or even notified of the judgment against them. As well-founded concerns of unfounded ERPO reporting gained traction the response was to make it a felony to issue a false report. This gesture is utterly meaningless, as you’d have to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the person filing the report knew the individual they were reporting was not a risk.

Gun control laws leave communities of law-abiding citizens less capable of protecting themselves should the need arise. As we saw on MSU campus, the existing laws that seek to prevent felons from acquiring firearms are utterly unenforceable and easily circumvented by anyone with a desire to do so.

It is my request that the Alger County Board of Commissioners go through the proper channels promptly to pass the Second Amendment sanctuary resolution that was tabled on 3/13/2023 as this would send a statement that the citizens, and elected officials oppose government overreach of our rights to keep and bear arms, and to protect ourselves and our communities.

The natural right to self-defense is one of our most important rights as human beings, and the Second Amendment is THE segment in our founding documents that provides a check on our government from violating this natural and inalienable right, even if the government wishes to use laws to protect its citizens from supposed harm. The best defense against a violent and armed assailant is a well armed peaceful person. I urge you to pass this resolution as quickly as possible. Thank you for the consideration and representing the citizens of Alger County.

Ryan Roberts President, Upper Peninsula Libertarian Party


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