Delegate’s Convention and General Meeting Minutes – Feb 17, 2022

On the seventeenth of February, in the year two-thousand and twenty two, at ten minutes after eight in the evening in east coast time, the Upper Peninsula Libertarian Party met online for its yearly Delegate's Convention and General Meeting. Present were the Chair, Secretary and Newsletter Committee Chair. Several members were in attendance, as was a guest speaker Evan Space. A quorum was had.

The first agenda item was to conduct a Delegate’s Convention for UPLP members to be delegates at the Michigan State Libertarian Party’s Annual Convention this Spring. Four members self-nominated, and those four members were voted on and accepted as delegates for the UPLP to the state convention.

The second agenda item was to open and conduct the regular meeting, which began with an approval of the previous meeting minutes, as well as the current agenda.

The third agenda item was Evan Space’s speech. He announced his desire to run for Governor of Michigan as a Libertarian, and described his falling away from the Republican Party. He heard comments and answered questions, and mentioned his goals of making Michigan strong again. He thanked everyone for having him and was thanked for attending.

The fourth agenda item was a Treasurer’s Report. The treasurer being absent, a reference to the previous budget report was given by the Secretary. 

The fifth agenda item was a Newsletter Report. The Newsletter Chair and the Secretary, who is a member of the Newsletter Committee, both gave the report, by explaining their progress and that of the website and email campaigns.

The sixth agenda item was to discuss measures to finalize the Purpose Statement of the Newsletter Committee, which was marked as “tentative” upon the committee’s creation. In accordance with the UPLP bylaws, this oversight must be corrected, and so a vote on the matter was passed, accepting the tentative statement as it was written originally.

The Newsletter Chair brought forth a motion, for the Newsletter Committee to add to their Purpose Statement, a “code of ethics.” Short discussion caused the body to elect to table the motion until the next General Meeting.

The meeting was adjourned by a vote at thirteen after eight, post meridiem, in east coast time.

*These minutes are approved by the Secretary of the Upper Peninsula Libertarian Party

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