A Libertarian Rallying Cry for Candidates

by Ryan Roberts – Chair

The 2022 election year is upon us, and the Upper Peninsula Libertarian Party (UPLP) is actively seeking candidates to run for office. Every State house seat in the U.P. is up for grabs. The 108th and 109th seats are non-incumbent races. John Damoose, of the 107th district, will seek reelection, as will Greg Markkanen of the 110th. The 38th district State senate seat is opening, with incumbent Senator Ed McBroom seeking another term.

There are numerous Statewide positions that will need to be filled. These include University school board positions, Secretary of State, and Governor/Lt. Governor. Michigan’s 1st district for US congress is open with incumbent Jack Bergman seeking reelection. All county commissioner races are partisan races, while most city and township races are non-partisan races. These are opportunities that are within easy grasp of a 3rd party candidate. They should be a primary focus for Yooper libertarians.

It is a great way to expand our grassroots support while getting new candidates familiar with politics to win bigger races in the future.

Unlike the two big parties, the Libertarian Party does not participate in primary elections. Instead, candidates are nominated at local and state conventions held during election years. Dates and locations are determined by a committee selected by the state executive board. Once nominated, our party can help our candidates submit the necessary paperwork to local or state officials.

I believe with great charisma and leadership we can win elections. One of the great advantages we have as Yooper libertarians is our furious independence. Our way of life in the UP is one of liberty and justice for all, and disregard for big government. We choose to be a free people. And we need people like us to represent us.

If you are serious about presenting libertarian ideas to the public and want to run for office, then look no further than the UPLP. Reach out to me personally. Get involved and help us become a force to be reckoned with. I may be reached at President@UPLP.Org.

Published by Joshua Ray Jongema

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