General Meeting Minutes – Aug 27, 2021

Minutes for the Meeting of the Upper Peninsula Libertarian Party
on August Twenty Seven of Two Thousand and Twenty-One

Call to order
A meeting of the Upper Peninsula Libertarian Party (UPLP) was held on Zoom on August the twenty-sixth, two thousand and twenty-one, and began at ten after eight in the evening, eastern time. Attendees included Chair Ryan Roberts, Vice-Chair Daniel Wood, Secretary and Newsletter Committee member Joshua Jongema, Newsletter Committee Chair Dave Crockett, members, Krystin and Andrew, and our guest, Steve Fox. A quorum was had.

Approval of minutes
The minutes from the previous meeting, held on July the twenty-seventh of two thousand and twenty-one, were voted on and approved by a fifty-one percent majority vote. The current meeting minutes were approved by the same.

Ryan presented Treasurer Daniel Bowling’s Report in his absence, on the fiscal affairs of our society since our last meeting. As of this date, the balance between income and expenses is four hundred and ninety dollars and sixty-nine cents. We have had expenses totaling three hundred and ninety-two dollars and ninety-one cents. Our balance as of last meeting was nine hundred and sixty-seven dollars and ninety cents.

Joshua and Dave presented a report on the affairs of the Newsletter Committee’s activities, which to date include the planning and creation of the September issue of the UPLP Newsletter. The newsletter will be released on September the first at around ten in the morning. Our newsletter has been handed out in the dozens, at three of our four fairs this fair season. It has been read in increased amounts over time, and recently has had a lot of increased traffic where it is on our website.
Joshua and Ryan presented a report on the affairs of our social media activities, which to date include the management of our Facebook, Twitter, and website overall. Our website has exploded this month with ninety-nine more users visiting than last month. Twitter has steadily increased in followers with five hundred and seventeen to date. It has had increased and steady engagement, and some users are visiting and engaging very often recently. On Facebook, our volunteer team has, over last twenty-eight days, made extra posts every day, and seen our page views and reach increase. Our organic engagement has increased. We’re getting almost double the post engagement. We try to share at least two memes per day and two articles from a major news or libertarian source. We plan to get more engagement by following more libertarian organizations. We have a total of six hundred and four followers and five hundred and eighty-five likes, to date.

Unfinished Business
Ryan presented his wording for the position of Outreach Director, which was accepted by a majority vote of all present members.

Joshua withdrew his tabled motion.

A discussion about volunteers for the cookout was tabled without objection, until the next meeting.

Krystin motioned we should fund the purchase of another 6-foot table for about fifty dollars, like the last one we misplaced at the Schoolcraft County Fair, even if we get it back, and to potentially make this purchase before September second in time for the Dickinson fair, and it was seconded. The vote of yay won.

Joshua motioned to have the cookout at the suggested time of September the twenty-fifth, from eleven in the morning until four in the afternoon, eastern time, at Lake Mary’s Park in Vulcan, and that was seconded. The vote of yay won.

Joshua motioned to propose a resolution, which is as follows:

UPLP Resolution #1
Whereas, All humans have a right to bodily autonomy and informed consent;
Whereas, Human bodies are the property of those humans, and all children are protected by their parents until they are of the age to govern themselves;
Whereas, Property rights are human rights;
Covid emergency mandates and lockdowns have usurped the rule of law, used force and coercion against American citizens and indigenous peoples, and have resulted in collateral damage in their lives; and
Whereas, All humans are rational, having subjective values and independent goals, resulting in objective actions as means to attain ends;
Resolved, That an alliance of liberty be pledged to all humans in the Upper Peninsula, that we may all be united even in our diversity;
Resolved, That a committee of those allies be formed, to ensure that the liberty which is in the interest of all individuals residing in the Upper Peninsula can be reasonably achieved in a timely manner; and
Resolved, That we support and encourage all humans across all borders to take liberty over your own lives now!

Dave motioned to table the above resolution for one month, to give members and those attending more time to look at the wording and think about their response, and that was seconded. A vote of yay won.

New Business
A discussion was had on the subject of the recent state libertarian party executive committee, voting to form a legislative committee. Guest Steve Fox joined us to go over plans for the committee, to bring legislation to the floor of the House of Michigan’s Congress. Ryan, who is a member of the executive committee, is now also a member of the legislative committee, giving our group the ability to bring legislation forward to the House as well.

A discussion was had on the subject of call campaigns. Josh showcased his call campaign script, and mentioned one campaign might take several hours, for which he will accept volunteers but is not needing any at this time. The first call campaign will focus on driving for members and donors, volunteers, and candidates for local and state office.

Ryan announced that the UPLP will have a booth at our fourth fair soon, in Dickinson County from September second to the sixth, and that any and all volunteers are welcome to help Daniel Bowling who will be there perhaps every day of the fair. Joshua and Ryan both volunteered to man a table one some days.

The meeting adjourned at nine twenty in the evening, eastern time.

*These minutes are approved by the UPLP Secretary, Joshua Jongema

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