Why I Started The UPLP

by Ryan Roberts – Chair

I started this organization with the hopes of bringing real freedom, unity, and love to the UP. In recent years I have seen the mainstream media and the other two major political parties sow hatred and division among our fellow Americans. They propagandize with fear tactics and persuade us that our own neighbors are evil because they voted for Biden or for Trump. What I truly see is common people on all sides, desperate to try what they know, to use the political process to fix this country.

I joined the Libertarian Party because I read the platform and started doing research on what free markets are and how we could build a society that doesn’t require welfare coming from a central authority. I thought that taxation was a necessary evil and that it was okay to be part of a civil society, where our hard-earned money is taken and redistributed to help the rest of society.

Now I’ve realized that this isn’t necessary and that we have only been indoctrinated into it. I realize that our lives and welfare aren’t getting better. In fact, our lives are getting harder. The American dollar is not the powerhouse it once used to be. We are fighting in endless wars of aggression and have military bases planted all across the world imposing our will and dominance on other countries.

The long-standing established politicians operating within the two big parties are not interested in changing their plans for the people, and only seek power through corporate bailouts and the robbery of future generations of Americans. They lie and deceive us and give us false hope. Real change will only come to us when we realize that empowering those in Washington will not advance liberty in our country. Instead we should focus on stripping them of their imbalanced power and giving that power back to common citizens.

We are losing sight of what the American experiment was supposed to be. We now live in a society of people who live in fear, and beg our elected officials to give them their rights. Those fear-driven individuals have even advocated for stripping those same rights from others, all in the name of security. We should instead be holding our elected officials accountable for passing bad legislation and using authoritarian, executive orders to force an agenda. We are living in a society where we are afraid to let migrants into the country in fear that they will take our jobs, homes and culture from us and advocate locking them up in cages at our southern border because they are assumed to be bad actors and infiltrators. We deny them rights they wish they had in their own country and then lock them up or turned them away.

We can no longer accept the use of government as a tool of force and coercion. Our Bill of Rights have been thrown out the window. Our natural and inalienable rights do not matter to those at the top, and they do not operate within the bounds of the constitution. I came to this party to truly seek a solution, for citizens to have freedom from government coercion. If you have any interest in standing up for our civil liberties and would like to learn more about our philosophy and strategies, contact me and help me further organize this growing movement.

Published by Joshua Ray Jongema

I am a: Memory Collector, Information Vector, Truth Reflector, Lie Rejector

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