The Pre-Trial Conviction of Lucas Gerhard

by Lucas Limon

Mark Gerhard is a retired US Marine Colonel from Rochester who has spent a lifetime of service to his country. He was very proud that Lucas Gerhard, his son, was attending Lake Superior State University in Sault St. Marie, pursuing a career in law enforcement. Given his father’s career of service, it would make perfect sense that his son Lucas would soon follow his father’s footsteps in some manner. It’s likely that neither Mark nor Lucas Gerhard imagined that their lives would be forever changed by just one post on a social media app. A post by Mark’s conservative son Lucas, was seen through the eyes of an insecure leftist and exploited by an overzealous Prosecutor’s Office run by Robert Stratton.

Beginning in August of 2019, Lucas Gerhard posted a photo to his Snapchat group of a legally owned Colt AR-15 Rifle, writing “Takin this bad boy up, this outta make the snowflakes melt, aye? And I mean snowflakes as in snow.” This one prophetic statement cost Lucas his liberty now going on almost two years.

Another student, someone Lucas had already blocked on his Snapchat from previous political disagreements, was shown the post by someone still in the group and decided they were now scared and threatened. This is the only discernible “victim” in the entire case. This complainant then told school officials who then told the police. Apparently, the prosecutors in Chippewa county also became scared and threatened by Lucas practicing multiple constitutionally protected rights. Lucas Gerhard is described by his father Mark as a very opinionated, conservative teen that has never been in trouble with the law. Lucas was an Eagle Scout and continued to work hard into adulthood.

Ever since that post, Lucas has been kept on 24/7 electronic monitoring after serving 83 days in the Sault. St. Marie jail. Lucas has also been detained on house arrest since being released into his father’s custody; He is not allowed to leave home, not allowed to go to work or school, and not even allowed to be on the internet, all while presumed innocent before being proven guilty in a court of law. As if out of a page from Philip Kindred Dick’s Minority Report, Lucas is being prosecuted and convicted for a pre-crime. He committed no crime, and his words went without a crime scene or a victim. He had no plan, motive or even a real threat of violence. Surely, Tyranny has landed on the shores of this pleasant peninsula.

Keep your eyes on this case and crank up the pressure! Rarely do so many important principles of Liberty and Freedom meet squarely in one unfolding event like this, involving pre-crime prosecutions. In this particular U.P. courtroom arena, it is at very least the First, the Second, Fourth and Sixth Amendments that come into play. Both the Federal and State Constitutions are on trial here for all the world to see. This is a story reminiscent of classical David versus the modern Goliath, a college student versus an overzealous prosecutor on behalf of the State. Such a Goliath, unchained by constitutional restraints, is a manipulative beast, lacking common sense and completely out of We The People’s control. God help us, because without constitutional restraints, we’re all just one social media post from being thrown in a dungeon, put on house arrest with 24/7 electronic monitoring, and facing spending 20 of the best years of our adult lives in prison.

Published by Joshua Ray Jongema

I am a: Memory Collector, Information Vector, Truth Reflector, Lie Rejector

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