Eugenics and the Pandemic Response

By Joshua Jongema – Secretary

Health is set to become the new forever war, and you have been drafted. Americans have been coerced and forced into submission to a new normal. You used to have a right to informed consent, but now you’ve been rightly informed that you must consent. The Nuremberg Code states all have a right to informed consent, in a time of peace or war, so why has this widely acclaimed ethic been so casually disregarded?

No free American should accept eugenics policies of companies and governments, such as mandatory masking, mandatory testing, mandatory vaccines, and vaccine passports.

In 2019, under the Trump Administration the USA began harvesting DNA from all migrants and asylum seekers held at the border. The Biden Administration quietly continued the program, that might be controversial if the public knew anything about it. A few news reports were all the attention given to the continuity of that policy; the same attention given when the policy was enacted to begin with.

In March 2020, the Donald Trump Administration signed the Coronavirus Relief Act into law, which among other things allotted 500 million dollars for a new database of COVID-specific genomic data. The CDC has held that data in the Public Domain since then, unbeknownst to many. The act gave 50 million to genomic sequencing and testing. The next year, Biden gave 1.75 billion to that cause among others, as well as 500 million to the CDC directly.

One billion dollars will be spent this year on boosting “vaccine confidence.” In March this year, the United States launched an initiative to expand the CDC’s database program. The COVID Relief Act of 2021 claims to use genomic data to “forecast and track hotspots for COVID–19, its variants, and emerging biological threats.” Why is the media silent on this part of the new law, while articles on when to expect money are churned out in high volumes?

The Coronavirus vaccine is the first to use RNA transcription methods. The new type of vaccine gives your body instructions for copying genetic information.

The claim is that this causes your body to create a molecule which has a surface identical to the coronavirus. This, in turn, is fought by your immune system, which is said to limit symptoms should you get COVID. The vaccine is certainly experimental and it is uncertain whether it confers immunity, so why is it being rapidly forced on employees to work, students to attend school, and politicians to speak and vote in Congress unmasked?

Coronavirus testing, which has become mandatory for many people, involves a harvesting of nasal fluid which has a high white blood cell count. White blood cells are packed with your DNA. Labs then use a type of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test to determine if you have COVID.

While a few of many labs have been quoted in the media, assuring people they destroy samples, under the 2021 Relief Act samples for all positive tests in the nation are being sent through federally sponsored labs called SPHERES and to multiple genomic databases including national ones like at the CDC, and international ones like the GISAID. The Broad Institute at MIT tests samples and has expanded this year to answer the calls by leaders of genomics databases, for more testing and open sharing.

A few months ago, US Senators called for increased protections of the DNA of Americans, but this seems to have fallen on deaf ears. For the first time in history this information is being put in the Public Domain with identifying information attached. The CDC has not made statements promising to destroy the samples they receive or the information they log.

Important questions remain. How long is your DNA sample and personal information kept at the federal level and at big national and international databases, and will they respect privacy now that they have tricked, coerced or forced Americans to submit their DNA?

Michiganders and all Americans should become Conscientious Objectors in this new forever war. The best approach here is to limit suffering. While eugenics claims to limit suffering by stamping out genetically inferior people, to be ethical we should simply remove barriers to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all.

Published by Joshua Ray Jongema

I am a: Memory Collector, Information Vector, Truth Reflector, Lie Rejector

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