The UPLP at Marquette’s March for our Rights

by Daniel Bowling – Treasurer

The UPLP attended the 2021 March for our Rights at Harlow Park in Marquette, Michigan on May 9, put on by C.U.F.F. The rally included several speakers including the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Michigan’s First Congressional District in 2020, Ben Boren. Other Speakers included Beau LaFave, State Representative for Michigan’s 108th State House district and several others.

Our Chair Ryan Roberts joined myself, Ben and his cohort of Hawaiian shirt enthusiasts to help spread the good word of liberty to the people of Marquette. We all met several liberty loving individuals and were able to distribute several copies of the First Edition of our monthly Newsletter with good reception. After several Republican speakers rallied against our Governors tyrannical rule during the pandemic. Ben introduced by Ryan shared a different kind of message.

He shared one of working with others despite differing views and ended his speech by saying “kill them with kindness.” He quoted Ben Franklin saying, “those who give a little liberty for a little security, deserve neither and will lose both.” Those who are attempting or supporting infringing on American’s 2nd Amendment rights are only looking for safety from what they are told to fear. Ben spread the message of being kind to one another and most importantly don’t be afraid of one another.

Thank you to Bob and C.U.F.F for inviting us to the rally and we hope to work more with them in the future. Overall the even was a success for the affiliate and helped to build more momentum following our Convention in April, which featured Baraga County Prosecutor Joseph O’Leary, and the launch of our Newsletter.

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